Miniature Gaming

CollectorMania carries a wide variety of miniatures for all types of gaming. The left tab has links to many of our most popular miniature brands, but we carry more than what's listed on this website. If you're ever looking to purchase models we don't normally carry we do place special orders at a 10% discount. And don't for get to refer to the Store Schedule page for a calendar of upcoming events.

Games Workshop

In the grim darkness of the distant future, there is only Warhammer 40k! Warhammer 40k is a sci-fi themed table-top game where players build, paint and play with their own army. As the most popular miniature game in the world, its a great hobby game for the most experienced gamer or newest player. From the savagely stupid Orcs to the incredibly advanced Eldar, there is an army type for everyone!

Similar to Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy combines medieval knights and powerful mages to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Players build, paint and play with their own armies as hordes of warriors clash with your opponents. Pick your favorite armies filled with zombies or knights, dragons or ogres, you can always find some awesome models to play with.

Please refer to the Store Schedule page for a calendar of up coming events.

WarMachine and Hordes are now stocked at CollectorMania

CollectorMania stocks the entry level range for Privateer Press's WarMachine and Hordes! If we don't have a model you are looking for, let us know and we can special order it at a 10% discount!

Battlefront games are now stocked at CollectorMania

Flames of War is a 15mm scale miniature game made by Battlefront Miniatures. Flames of War covers warfare from all periods during World War I, World War II, Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli War, and the fictional setting of WWIII. This game is perfect for any hobbyist looking for a historical miniature game to play!

Other Miniature Games

CollectorMania carries a wide range of other miniature games at our store.
  • Star Wars: Legion
  • Star Wars: X-Wing
  • Star Wars: Armada
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault
  • The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings by Games Workshop
If you're ever looking for a miniature that we do not have in stock we special order items at a 10% discount. We have many suppliers for our products, the the odds are good we'll be able to get the item you need in less than a week!