Magic the Gathering

Magic: the Gathering is the most popular game we sell. Made by Wizards of the Coast, you take the role of a powerful Planeswalker to defeat your rivals! We regularly schedule multiple events per week to give our customers plenty of chances to play in structured events. At our tournaments all players receive prizes regardless of placing, though the higher your rank at the end of the tournament the more prizes you'll receive.

In general our events follow this schedule:
  • Tuesday Night Pioneer - 6:30 PM $5 Entry - Store Credit Payout to top X-1 Players - 130% of fees as Prizes
  • Thursday Night EDH/ Commander - Free Play or League Play
  • Friday Night Magic
  • Drafts every Friday starting at 6PM - $16*!
  • Modern every Friday at 7PM - $5 Entry - Store Credit Payout to top X-1 Players - 130% of fees as Prizes
  • Saturday Events - Various events are held on the weekends. CollectorMania hosts pre-release events for every new Magic: the Gathering Set, Games Day Events, and other events each month. Check the current calendar to see upcoming Weekend events.
  • Sunday Standard - Standard every Sunday at 12PM - $6
*Drafts are for the current set/block with card pooling and picks based on ranking at the end of the tournament.

Magic: the Gathering Buy List

We buy all magic cards that customers wish to sell, but we need some cards more than others. To help our customers find cards specific cards they will want to part with, we update a buy list for Standard cards we wish to buy.

Standard Buy List - Updated 12/15/2022

NON-Standard Buy List (Excel File) - Always Current

We Buy Magic Collections

We also buy Magic collections! If you're interested in trading in your collection don't hesitate to come down. We will look at your cards and give you an offer. If your collection is rather large, please call ahead to ensure we will have time to look though your collection!

Magic: the Gathering is a trading card game that was created in 1993. In Magic: the Gathering, you play the role of a powerful spellcaseter, known as a Planeswalker. Planeswalkers harness the five colors of mana gathered from the landscape: white mana comes from plains, blue mana comes from islands, black mana comes from swamps, red mana comes from mountains, and green mana comes from forests. With these mana types, you will cast devastating spells and summon fearsome creatures to aid your victory!

Magic: the Gathering has been our most popular game for over 12 years here at CollectorMania. We offer many different styles and formats of play throughout the week. Click on the Store Events Schedule tab for more information on weekly and monthly Magic: the Gathering events!