CollectorMania FAQs

  • What do you "collect"?

    CollectorMania is a gaming and hobby store that sells new board games, model kits, rulebooks, and new and used cards. We also carry a wide variety of supplies to suppliment each hobby selection we carry. Many of the games we carry are collectable but we do not carry coins, sports cards, antiques or other similar items. We do not sell or trade in video games.

  • Do you charge for table space?

    No, there is no fee to use our space! If we are busy tables will be given to players participating in store events, but most of the time we have enough room for everyone. If you're worried about having table space contact us and ask ahead of time! We do reserve tables for events if you wish to host on your own!

  • Do you allow outside food and drink into the store?

    You bet! While we sell our own drinks, snacks and even frozen meals you're more than welcome to bring your own food and drink. All we ask is that you don't make a mess!

  • Do you allow customers to schedule events at your store?

    All the time! If you ever want to schedule something at our store let us know! As long as we have the room available, we'll set aside space for you to run your games. If you give us enough notice, we can even help advertise for your event though this website, our Facebook page, and in store!

  • Are you hiring?

    We are currently not hiring at the moment, but when we are we'll update the website and Facebook with info. We always will accept resumes and keep them on file for when we are hiring. Thanks for the interest!