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We're a gaming and hobby store that has been serving the South Denver community for over 21 years!

We're back and open for business!

Getting back to Gaming!

Magic the Gathering Tournaments are back!

Wizards of the Coast has lifted their organized play restrictions for North America and that means the return of Magic the Gathering events at CollectorMania!

  • Commander Open Play - Thursdays - 6:00PM - Free
  • Draft - Fridays - 6:00PM - $16
  • Modern - Fridays - 7:00PM - $5
  • Standard - Sundays - 12:00Pm - $6
  • We hope to see you for all these events! Sign up using the Magic Companion App!

    Reserving your space to Game:

    Gaming Space will be reserved for scheduled organized play and by reservation only. Please contact us at (303) 766-3530 or CollectorManiaParker@gmail.com to check availability and events.

    Shopping Safe: Mandatory Shop Policy

  • If you are sick or feel unwell, DO NOT enter the store.
  • If you have had contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the last 14 days, DO NOT enter the store.
  • A nose and mouth covering mask must be worn properly AT ALL TIMES. In-store attendees not properly wearing a mask will be asked to leave.
  • CollectorMania is your hobby-center, but for staff it is our livelihood. Please understand the importance of following the above guidelines.
  • Please contact us at (303) 766-3530 or CollectorManiaParker@gmail.com with any questions about available produtcts, special orders, and in-store procedures.

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